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Minelab - 4pc Aluminum Dive Rod with Rear Mount



4-Piece Excalibur Aluminum Dive Rod with Beach Extension & Rear Mount

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This my most versatel Shaft Combination and allows the most options for hunting with the Excalibur.

 Made from Black or Silver anodized aluminum with adjustable Handle and H/D Whites Arm Cuff (with strap & pads).

 24" upper shaft, 12" "under" shaft for pods, 9" rear extension for pods and a 15" lower shaft for beach hunting.  

You can use this shaft for diving, hip mounting, beach hunting (either over & under or rear mounted).  4 differnt shaft configurations.

Note: you will need both stock coil rods with this kit to use all configurations

Please tell me if you have the older "original" Sword (NY) model because the bolt pattern is different than the newer Blue or current model which have the same pattern.

Very Important Note:

 I need to know, in inches, how long a reach you like (from the back of your elbow to the coil laying flat on the floor), that will be our "overall" length.  Next, I need to know the distance from the middle of your palm to the back of your elbow, and last, how tall are you?

I will build to suit you so please email me with questions and measurements.